5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Strengths is Good for Business

When you work for yourself, you don’t have regular appraisals, feedback and 1:1s. And if you’re a solopreneur everything rests on your shoulders so it can be even harder to get a non-bias look at what’s working well in your business, what needs changing, where any problems lie and how to fix them without getting specialist help in each time.

An effective way to get insight on how you can run your business more effectively so it energises you is to understand your strengths.

In the context of my work as a strengths & mindset coach, strengths are those things we are naturally great at and that energise us.  When we understand what our unique strengths are and how we use them to be at our best, we suddenly open ourselves up to new possibilities and creative thinking that we were previously unaware of.

We all possess a number of strengths however certain ones will make us feel energized while others may leave us feeling drained.  I’m sure you can think of tasks within your business that you procrastinate over or put off because you don’t enjoy doing.  Likewise, there will be others that you’re always excited to do.  These are your unique strengths at work.

Here are 5 ways that knowing and understanding your unique strengths can be good for you and your business:

Working with your strengths energises you!

If you can build your business based on your unique top strengths, you have a business that naturally energises you.  You are able to identify what and how to take on new opportunities and collaborations so they feel exciting rather than draining.

You are more productive

When you are in a state of happiness, you are 31% more productive than when you’re in either a neutral or negative state (Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage).  When you work with your key strengths, you are naturally happier because you’re in your “flow” and are therefore more likely to be productive than when you are using skills that drain you. When you find that sweet spot of using your strengths and skills and they tie into the goals you have set for your business there is no stopping you!

You become more efficient

When you identify your top strengths it’s like a lightbulb moment.  Instead of trying to do things the way you’ve always done them, understanding which of your strengths you can draw on to get the job done in a more innovative way not only makes you happier but also leads to more efficiency because you’re not stumbling around trying to solve a problem in ways that don’t naturally fit with you.

It opens up new opportunities in your business

Once you know what energises you and you are naturally good at, you start to see a pattern forming. It can open up new opportunities, products or services you hadn’t thought of before.  You may find that Efficiency isn’t one of your strengths but Creative Thinking is.  Instead of feeling drained by trying to be efficient you could come up with new innovative ways to get the job done by drawing on other strengths of yours.

It boosts your confidence

Knowing exactly what you’re good at gives you more confidence to commit and show up as your full self. As a solopreneur you have to be your own cheer leader a lot of the time so understanding exactly what drives, motivates and energises you is a huge confidence boost.



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