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7 Reasons Why Every Female Entrepeneur Should Join a Networking Group

1. Exchange ideas, knowledge & learn new skills 

A great women’s networking group will usually source out the latest business trends to share with it’s members. Let’s face it, how else are we going to keep up with Instagram’s latest video feature or how on earth can we create our own Facebook Ads!. The group leaders are constantly seeking inspiring and successful industry experts who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. The group events are packed with great speakers, and presentations to help members grow and achieve business and personal success. Some groups like milknbizz offer regular virtual events, brainstorming sessions, co-working and virtual tech surgeries. Having access to online events live or on catch up is really important so you can just log on catch up in your own time.

2. Discuss matters affecting women

Whenever a group of supportive women get together, whether, at a networking event or a personal gathering, they always discuss matters affecting them. During the recent lockdown many women, especially Mums working for themselves experienced an unfair balance on having do the childcare/homeschooling, housework AND keep on top of their business, usually during the evening once the kids were in bed. Although many felt completely alone in this and had a real impact on their mental health, after talking to others in a similar position soon realised they were in fact not alone at all. It’s very important to have these honest discussions because we owe it to ourselves to realise that these issues are real and universal. Knowing that you can be in the company of women who listen and support you can be priceless. 

3. Stimulate creativity

Joining a women’s networking group is an inspiring experience since it enables you to appreciate the unique ideas and opportunities created by other women. As well, creativity is usually achieved with the support and feedback of groups rather than one individual. For example, you may have a logo idea but don’t know if it will resonate with your audience. Your network group members will be thrilled to offer their thoughts and suggestions when you present it to them. milknbizz, for example, regularly host brainstorming sessions with it’s members so you can get feedback and help with your idea’s so you are not struggling with the problem alone. Plus, there are multiple articles and theories proving the impact of groups on stimulating creativity.

4. Collaboration

Joining a women’s networking group helps you develop new contacts and business referrals. There’s a sense of comradery between group members since they usually share similar experiences and goals. Members meet virtually and in-person and discuss business challenges which can open up work for one another. For example, a group member could have a big project and needs support in specific areas. The first thing she will do is reach out to the group members for help, and that is a great example of a collaboration and business exchange. 

5. Motivation

We all need motivation when things are not going the way we want them to, especially in these challenging times it can feel like a hard slog most days. Attending the events or just popping on a Facebook group can really boost your energy and motivation levels. It allows you to gain renewed confidence and build new meaningful relationships with other women. Successful networking groups aim to cater to members’ emotional needs and this includes providing encouragement and inspiration to keep doing what you love. 

6. New clients

Word-of-mouth is still a very powerful marketing tool. It’s one of the best ways to get a client to contact you for business if you have been recommended by someone. Members of networking events learn to trust and help one another. They are more likely to, not only use your business, but to recommend it to others too. 

7. Develop friendships

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. Many friends neglect to support the journey of entrepreneurship and it can be a lonely one. Joining a female network group can help you to form a number of new friendships with women who can relate to your journey and experience. We know the pains of being a business owner and share empathy for one another. These types of friendships are enriching because they provide assurance, guidance and emotional support. It’s all about finding people who “Get it”


So don’t isolate yourself ladies. Go ahead and find supportive women’s networking groups you can relate to and enjoy all the benefits they offer.

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