About milknbizz


After I had my first son in 2016 I felt like I had lost my identity, and after a decade as an event manager in the corporate world I discovered I wasn’t able to go back to my job part time…

I noticed a gap in the market for events specifically designed for mums – mums who were just like me who still liked to go out and socialise and drink the odd glass of prosecco  mums who had a career and independence and didn’t want to loose their sense of self  just because they became a ‘mum’ – so I used my expertise to set up milknfizz, an events company with the aim to connect like-minded mums through bespoke events and thoughtful experiences… all with a touch of luxury, of course!

It’s been an incredible journey – not only am I doing something I love, but milknfizz is a hit! The events have been a real success, and I’ve met so many mums who are either thinking of setting up a business or are already running one, but find juggling kids/work a challenge at times.


After discovering how bloody lonely working for yourself can be,  I went about setting up my second business "milknbizz", an award-winning community that supports women in business by hosting workshops, brainstorming sessions, virtual co-working & social events 

"When I first set up I found it really tough working on my own; I missed the buzz of an office and support from colleagues and friends: which is one of the main reasons I set up milknbizz I wanted to meet other like-minded  women who were in the same position as me, people who "Got it".

“I’m trying to fill a gap for people who are working on their own, but still miss that interaction and connection with colleagues, a one stop shop they can go to for advice and support to enable them to grow their business.


Surround yourself with people who "Get it"


Anna Whitehouse (AKA Mother Pukka)

"This was one of the best organised events I’ve been involved in. Danielle is a star and she knows how to bring people together in the name of parenting, laughter and prosecco"


Steph Douglas (Founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers) 

"I loved speaking at Danielle’s event, it was brilliantly organised and whether people came on their own or in a group, everyone mixed and chatted. Amazing things happen when women come together, and it always feels good to hear the things that make us laugh as well as cry. None of us are doing this on our own"


Ellie Gibson & Helen Thorn (The Scrummy Mummies)

"We loved working with Danielle, she is highly professional, super organised, and just a lovely person to work with! We would highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking to put on a polished, fun event"


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