1. Get organised. Programme in time in your diary to organise your workspace, file papers and shred unwanted notes. It’s harder to focus on our work if there is clutter and our minds are likely to wander to the distraction around us.
  1. Do what you dislike doing first! Then reward yourself, perhaps with some downtime, taking a walk or listening to some music. It’s important to practice delayed gratification because people who learn how to manage their need to be satisfied in the moment thrive more in their careers, relationships, health, and finances than people who give in to it 
  1. Your brain is designed to move you away from ‘pain’ and towards pleasure so remember to use positive language around getting things done: Tell yourself ‘I want to do this. I choose to do this and I choose to feel great about it.’ Using language like ‘I hate dealing with that person’ or ‘I can’t stand doing my accounts’ will cause your brain to look for distractions to get you away from the source of ‘pain’.
  1. Be the boss of your mind. Tell it what you want in clear, very specific and detailed language e.g. “I want to succeed and I want to get more clients”. Your mind does what you tell it so you might as well tell it the best, most helpful things!
  1. Visualisation is very powerful. Regularly create a mental picture of how you will feel, who you will celebrate with and what you will do when you succeed or achieve your goals. The more senses you use when doing this, the more powerful it is.
  1. Be your own cheerleader, your BIGGEST and BEST cheerleader. As Brene Brown says “Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” Avoid talking yourself down, especially in front of your children as they pick up our habits and behaviours.
  1. Start building positive habits towards success. It takes 21 days to form new thoughts, habits and behaviours. Tell yourself every day that you are good enough, that you deserve success, that you are worthy. Saying it in a mirror is even more powerful!
  1. Don’t avoid what is hard. The greatest challenges equals the greatest growth. Stuff gets better when you stay focused and work at it.
  1. Don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Every single person on the planet has made lots of mistakes. The difference is, some people let mistakes stop them and successful people use mistakes to propel themselves forwards.
  1. Successful people are successful because they never give up. Even top athletes have days they don’t want to train but they never have a day when they feel like failing.
​Emma Gosling, Rapid Transformational Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Quantum Life Technique Practictioner