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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could connect daily alongside other women sharing advice and support, attend monthly workshops to benefit you and your business and socialise informally at the many meet up's & networking events?

milknbizz is a online community for aspirational women who want to grow their business & build their network.



We all know how isolating working for yourself can be and sometimes you want to bounce ideas off of someone or chat about the latest Netflix episode over a cup of coffee. 

So every month you will get the opportunity to co-work with other members at a chosen location, your chance to focus on your business and gain support from other business owners in the same boat as you.

Virtual Co-Working & content planning

Not only that but once a month you get a opportunity to attend our virtual co-working sessions, this is a great opportunity to plan your content or get those things ticked off your "to do" list without getting distracted. We work in 2x 25 min bursts and trust me when I say you will be shocked at how productive you are.


Too many ideas in your head?

Feeling stuck in your business?

The brainstorming sessions are your chance to connect with other like-minded women in biz, to bounce ideas with, feel supported, less alone and come away with clear actionable steps on how to progress forward and we host 2 every single month!


Get sh*t done - 3 month goal setting accountability groups

If you are somone who spends far too much time working "in" your business rather then "on your business and can often lack motivation and focus then this is for you!

The groups will be a chance for you to set your goals for the next 3 months, plan your steps on how to get there and have your very own support team to cheerlead you along the way.



milknbizz offers members the chance to attend monthly  virtual workshops that cover  all aspects of running and growing a business. Experts will be invited to talk about everything you need (and want) to know on topics such as, PR, brand building, social media, SEO, marketing, scaling up your business, self care, the list goes on. And the cost of attending the workshop is included in your membership - pretty cool right?

Training libary 

We also have over 40 trainings in the Private Facebook group, chances are if you need support with a area in your business, we have a workshop you can watch. If you can't find what you are looking for them just let us know, we are always asking members for their suggestions when it comes to whatexperts we invite in.

On tap expert advice 

Talking of experts, we are not expected to know everything about running a business, that's why it's SO important to surround yourself with other people who can help you. We have a huge  range of skills and expertise in the group with over 100 other female founders on tap to ask advice so you are never alone when you get stuck.


Your wellbeing means the world – and I'm sure you are often juggling lots of things all at once and don't often take time out to focus on what you need as a female founder,  so I think it’s important to not only support you on your business, but also on YOU and your self-care… so we we also run events and virtual retreats that do just that. 

Community & support

Community forums 

Once you’ve joined, you’ll be invited to a private Facebook group that will connect you to other members. This is a great platform for sharing knowledge, expertise and support for one another, plus we have a private WhatsApp group for all those "someone help, I'm stuck on something" moments  

milknbizz is ALL about community and building connections and relationships is what is the lifeline of many small biz owners.

Speed networking

Building a business is all about building on your network and the connections you make and the speed networking sessions are set up just for that. They are a totally chilled "non cringy" opportunity for you to connect and build relationshios with other founders. I always say the milknbizz networking events are for people who don't like networking. 🙂


 I believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra, so we’ll celebrate your success with regular social events and meet-ups with a glass of fizz or two…In both in person (where we can) & the virtual world.


As part of the membership you’ll not only benefit from some great offers and discounts, but you’ll be invited to list your business in the members directory, just think of it as your little black book of biz contacts 

Where else would you be able to meet other like-minded women in a similar position to you… 

When I started out I couldn’t find anywhere that provided a one-stop shop for workshops, advice & support – not only for my start-up, but for my own personal development. More importantly, somewhere that offered the chance for me to learn and work virtually alongside other women who GOT IT!

"We all need someone like Danielle in our life! Love this little support network"


"Being your own boss, as fantastic as it is, brings its challenges and milknbizz has really helped so far"


"I really enjoy the co-working sessions, Danielle makes it really relaxed and supportive.”"

Fancy joining milknbizz?

Become a milknbizz member today! Your membership will provide you with the support, advice and expertise you need to grow your business & connect you with like minded women who are in the same boat as you.

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Membership Options

I’ve devised an affordable monthly membership package that covers all of the unmissable perks I’ve mentioned for a reasonable, manageable price.

Your monthly membership includes:

  • Monthly workshops
  • 40+ online training libary
  • 90 day Get Sh*t done accountability groups
  • Co - Working (in person) 
  • Virtual Co-Working & content planning
  • Private members Facebook group
  • Members directory
  • Press opportunities
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Speed Networking
  • Special offers and discounts

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