Do either of these sound like you?

 - You don't want to use social media to solely advertise your business but you are not sure how else to do it

 - You started your business with an Insta account, maybe a Facebook page/group, then got an email list as you thought you needed one but don't really do anything with, you wrote a blog or two once but not sure if anyone actually read it, and that pretty much sums up your marketing strategy. 

 - You rely too much on social media when it comes to advertising your business (even then you probably don't "sell" as much as you should do) but it feels comfortable and everyone else is on it, so you need to be too right??

The thing is, social media is AMAZING, it's a great tool to market your business, but that's it, it's just ONE tool in your toolbox for you to use.

There are other tools, other ways to get your business out there so why are you not using them?

  • Maybe you feel there are too many options out there & you don't know where to start

  • Or you have no idea who to ask for help

  • Or maybe you've simply not had the time to even think about it

Until now......

I'll be honest with you, I started to get a bit obsessed with social media, it felt like it was taking over my life (and most of my time) it's like a full time job! so I wanted to find other ways to get my brand out there

Because what if the unthinkable happened?  what if one-day social media disappeared, you don't own your followers so how would you contact them?

How would you continue to run your business with no customers?

If you want a helping hand of getting out of the social scroll hole and exploring other ways to get the word out there then listen up as I have just the thing..

I will be running a 3-day virtual event that will showcase 5 different areas where you can generate leads, grow your network & be seen as the "expert".

Introducing "Off grid" a 3 day event, showcasing  5 simple ways to get your business out there (without using social media)

Stop putting all your eggs in one basket

Over the 3 days there will be a range of expert speakers running live masterclasses on four key areas:


Then on the third day, we will be talking about all things "NETWORKING" and how to grow your brand with the power of PEOPLE & building your connections 

Now, If you are thinking "I don't like networking" then this is for you, as neither do I (well not the traditional style anyway) I promise you will come away with a spring in your step & a little black book of contacts  🙂

Are you ready to join us?

It's taking place from Monday 29th November to Wednesday 1st December and you are invited!!
Do you want to find other ways to market your business?

To stop spending ALL your time faffing around on social media

To start the new year with a better understanding of your marketing options & what steps to take to put them into action?

This event is not about removing social media from your marketing strategy completely, it's about  showing you there are other options out there! 

The world is your oyster
But that's not all...

The best thing about these retreats is the community of other female founders doing it alongside you!

Running a business can often feel hard & lonely, but it doesn't have to be if you have the right support around you - and that’s why the retreats are so fricking fantastic

You will not only take loads away from the expert speakers, but you will join a like-minded community of female founders who understand what you are going through and want to help you succeed.

Are you in??

But don't just take my word for it

We all lift each other up

It’s so inspiring to be around ambitious women, we all lift each other up and I strongly believe I really can do this!! something I’ve not felt since setting up on my own.

A powerhouse of professional women

Loved the retreat, totally inspired, motivated & felt so welcome. I don’t think retreat is the right word, it’s a powerhouse of professional women supporting each other.

Amazing experience

The retreat was an amazing experience, I was learning the best information from the best people in their fields – what more could I hope for.

Where will it take place?

The event will be hosted in a pop-up Facebook group which you will be able to join a few days before we kick off. Once you have signed up for the retreat you will receive an email inviting you to the Facebook group and further instructions on what happens next.

Mini challenges to really help you level up (with prizes!)

We all know how inspiring it can be attending these events, but do you ever find yourself thinking: "That was great, but what now??" Each day our experts will set a mini challenge to help you take action straight away, and the best bit, they won’t take you longer then 25 minutes  to complete

To register your place on this one-off retreat then please click on the link below.
Remember it's completly FREE