Grow your own – 3 month package


This is a 3 month package totalling £1400.

£50 is a deposit only. The remaining £1350 will be invoiced directly every 4 weeks. (3x payments)  Once you have paid the deposit I will contact you to arrange a sutable time to start.

Develop – Launch – Grow

This is where I will be able to walk you through the steps it will take to develop, launch and grow your own community of raving fans who want to buy from you. 

You might be looking to:

  • Create and monetise a Facebook group – maybe you want to start one or you already have an existing group 
  • Learn how to host virtual events & attract your ideal clients so they are ready to buy from you
  • Understand how a paid membership group might work for you & the steps you need to take to get it started 
  • Grow your mailing list or build your brand awareness & community on social media
  • Create a online course/programme & have a warm audience to sell to  

We will look at the three key areas:


  • Audit – where are you at? What are you already doing? What are your goals 
  • Your purpose & values 
  • Ideal customer – who is it? Who do you want to attract? Where will you find them?
  • USP – how will you stand out? 
  • What will your community look like – e.g. Facebook group? Platform? Membership group?
  • Monetising your community – pricing 


  • Branding / look and feel 
  • Social media strategy 
  • Setting up on platforms – looking at what tech you will need 
  • The Launch 


  • Content planning 
  • Audience growth & marketing 
  • Planning your next doors open / launch 
  • Thought leadership & showing up as the expert 
  • Connecting with key influencers / other organisations

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