Grow your own – 4 week package


£50 is a deposit only.

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4 week mentoring – £599 (can be split in 2x payments of £299.50)

If you want to go one step further I have a 4-week mentoring programme where we work together weekly to help you to create your community.

This is where we will: 

  • Identifying your main aims & goals 
  • Work on setting up your basics / ideal client / USP / Content / strategy 
  • Brainstorm ideas & suggestions on ways to build or grow your community 
  • Each week create clear and actionable steps on what to do next
  • Weekly homework for you to action each week….I’ll be checking up on you 🙂 
  • Mon – Friday WhatsApp support 9am – 5pm
  • Follow up options available 

Week 1: Planning your community – Brainstorming ideas about what type of community would best suit your business model and what it could look like going forward. Looking at paid memberships, Facebook groups, online course & virtual retreats. We talk about who your ideal people are, how to go about finding them & once they are in how to get them to stay! 

Week 2: Monetising your community – How will you make ££ we will look at your pricing structure and how much you want to charge. The different income streams that could come from creating your ideal community. Getting you really clear on the money side of things and giving you the confidence to sell it. 

Week 3: Building your community 

We look at how you go about setting up your community, what processes you will need to put in place. What sort of content you will be delivering & how to show up as the expert and a thought leader. 

Week 4 – Getting ready for the big launch 

Now you have a plan in place we look at how to plan a kick-ass launch.

We look at how to create a buzz around what you are doing so your ideal clients are ready and waiting to sign up and join you!