Welcome to the virtual milknbizz community

Connecting you with your online work tribe

Would you love the opportunity to attend a co-working session or networking event but find it difficult to get out and about?

Maybe you have young children at home and no childcare, you don't drive and your nearest networking is miles away.

Or maybe (if you live in the UK) it’s always cold and rainy outside and you just want to stay in the warm - fair enough!

Well don't worry, I’ve got a simple solution for you, you can still have all the benefits of co-working & networking but you don't have to leave your house! You can even stay in your pyjamas (no judging here!).

IT FEELS LIKE PEOPLE ARE AROUND. You may work from home but with the push of a button, you can talk to others. Just knowing that other people are there creates a sense of presence and can banish loneliness.

Virtual co-working is the same as working in a physical co-working space (except you meet online in a virtual office) You have the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of online workers from all over the world –  from the comfort of your duvet - or wherever you choose to work that day as there is also an app you can access!

Working for yourself is amazing - the freedom and flexibility it brings can be life changing for both you and your family. But let’s not forget, it can also be lonely, especially during these times when you are unabe to get out and about to meet people, with some days leaving you wanting to rant about your struggles with others who ‘get it’.

We get it

And we also get...


How tired you are after your kids were up for half of the night


How frustrating technology can be when you don't have a IT department


How you have so many creative ideas running through your mind, but feel like you can’t share them

So if you want to connect with other like-minded women, stay accountable, add structure to your week, and hear from a range of experts on how you can pivot your business to make you more money then this community is for YOU.

This is your space where you can get to know and chatter away to similar mums in business who have all been there and understand the daily challenges you face… those challenges your family and friends just don't understand.

We understand

Welcome to the virtual community of milknbizz.

An online community helping kick ass mums in biz who want to banish those feelings of isolation and loneliness working from home can bring by keeping you connected, informed and inspired!

We host virtual co-working, workshops, brainstorming sessions, "ask the expert" & and after-work drinks In the virtual office, you can connect daily with your very own "work tribe" at a time when you need it the most.

Working for yourself can be such a lonely place at the best of times, and with everything going on in the world at the moment it's even more important to stay connected with other mums who 'Get it' to come together to hear from expert speakers on how to navigate this roller coaster ride of looking after kids and building your business.

Just some of our events we've hosted in the group in the last few weeks you can catch up on are:

Bossing your PR

How to build multiple income streams online

Nailing your niche

Blogging in your business 

Facebook Ads

Instagram stories

Fall in love with your Mailing list

How to sell without "selling"

Thinking outside the box - how to pivot your business

How to sell in this climate

What your target customers want from you right now 

How to be productive working from home with the kids around 

Is it for me?

You want to find ways to pivot or grow your business but have no idea where to start, or are lacking in confidence

You want to chat to other mums who are in the same boat, juggling looking after little ones, or home schooling as well as working from home

You are feeling overwhelmed, are lacking motivation and miss that interaction from other humans!. .

In the virtual office you can connect with your very own work tribe

Still not convinced?

The benefits are huge!

Makes you accountable working alongside others

Provides you with the opportunity to connect with people when you can't leave the house

Helps you realise you are not in this alone

Adds structure to your day

Improves your productivity

An opportunity to hear from experts on ways to build your business during these uncertain times

You can work in your pyjamas, comfies or whatever you like…and nobody will care.

How does it work?

To access the virtual office all you need to do is sign up to the ‘virtual office subscription’ Once you have been accepted into the office you will receive a email with your log in details and you are ready to go!

Virtual Co-working

In the virtual office we host regular virtual co-working sessions. You can choose to get involved as much or as little as you like depending on what’s planned that day. You’ll have the option to access the different groups and chat online or if you're feeling brave you can talk face-to-face by using video feature.

In the virtual office we will host events on Zoom where you can collaborate, connect, and receive feedback from fellow co-workers. Our events include ‘Ask the expert’ and member-led webinars.

Member-Led Webinars

Members are able to host webinars in their chosen field of expertise. This is a great opportunity to promote your business within the group and share your skills.

Ask the Expert

Each month we will invite industry experts to host a live a Q&A session covering unmissable topics like how to stay productive when working from home, PR, marketing, scaling up social media, business planning and more.

As well as the Co-working area there will be a number of different groups you can access depending on what you fancy that day... just some of the options are:

Virtual Coffee Break

Have the opportunity to connect with fellow co-workers on a 1:1 basis - we know how busy life is and scheduling a date to meet someone for a coffee can be tricky, so why not have a ‘virtual coffee’ instead? This is your chance to network, collaborate or simply chat over a cuppa.

'Storm in a Tea Cup'

Online collaborative sessions where you can discuss a particular challenge or problem you are facing in your business.It could be as simple as ‘How do I change the colour of my logo on Canva?’ or ‘Can someone please help me respond to a customer complaint I’ve received on my website?’.


Have the opportunity to brainstorm your ideas in a safe and trusted environment and gain feedback from fellow co-workers - no more talking to your cat about them...

Water Cooler Chat

A casual hangout where you can chat about non 'work' things like 'who's seen the latest episode of Love Island (or insert fav show here). This is great for when you need a break from what you're doing and can socialise with others.

Weekly Goals & accountability

Set your goals with members to help you stay productive and accountable - you can follow up on what progress you've made the following week and get that well deserved pat on the back (virtually of course).

Sound good?

Reserve your spot for just £29 per month

This is the last time you will be able to sign up at this rate

So if you want to connect with other like-minded women, increase your productivity and learn new skills to benefit your business and make more money ALL from the comfort of your own home then this is for you.


"I enjoyed the virtual co-working session, it gave me the opportunity to meet new people and have a chat both about working but also non-work too. When you work from home on your own, you do get to miss that interaction of being in an office and having that catch up to brain-storm, pick brains and just generally catch up about what is going on. The platform being used to easy to use, and the different channels are going to keep it really organised and easy to dip in and out of. The zoom call was brilliant. so good to put faces to names and have a natter. Looking forward to next session"

Membership is currently closed.

But don't worry, you can sign up to our waiting list.