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SHOW ME THE MONEY– A virtual retreat for women in business who want to level up their income and their money mindset

Do you struggle with pricing and have a block when it comes to money mindset?
Do you feel like you’re not a real "businesswoman" if you're not super confident with your numbers?
Do you want to learn more about cash flow and budgeting?

If 2020 has taught me anything (and it's taught me A LOT) it's to make sure I'm not only on top of my money, but that I'm making more of it! I want to know exactly what my numbers are and how to manage my finances. I want to make sure I have enough in the bank if we are hit by a zombie apocalypse… farfetched I know but anything can happen now right?! So let's be prepared for it!

As you know, when you run your own business there are 1001 things you need to keep on top of and it can feel really overwhelming. The "money stuff" often gets shoved to the side, especially if it’s an area you don't feel super confident in.

Let's think about pricing for example and the way we feel about money in general. I know lots of women in business sometimes struggle with this. You price yourself too low as you don't want to lose out on sales. You fear you seem too expensive and just want to please people.

More often than not what it comes down to is a lack of confidence in our abilities, and not really knowing our worth or owning it.

I bet you are shit hot at what you do but your pricing doesn’t reflect it.

Confidence is something that takes time to build, and it's all to do with your money mindset. We have been conditioned into thinking that making money is a bad thing and we should be embarrassed about it.


Knowing your numbers, setting yourself financial goals, and charging your true worth are all just the basics of what you should be doing in 2021 and if you don't yet have a plan of how to do this then I'm here to help...

If you are someone who:

Wants to know the financial basics for running a small business 

    Wants to know how to make more money in your business without feeling greedy 
    Wants to become financially independent so you can support your family more

    Then this retreat is FOR YOU

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    If you’ve been to a milknbizz retreat before you know it will be amaze balls. You will not only take loads away from it but you will join a like-minded community of women who have your back at a time when you need it the most!
    Are you ready to join us?
    The milknbizz retreat kicks off on Monday 25th January and YOU are invited
    Do you want to make 2021 the year you finally get your money shit in order?

    Can I get a 'HELL YEAH'!

    I want to tell you that I understand the past year has been hard on many of us, especially if you are someone who has lost business as a result. But we've got to start taking action when it comes to our money and taking back some sort of control before it controls us. 

    The journey to becoming financially well may feel out of reach right now, but I know it is possible. You just need to put in the work now so you can reap the rewards after (the sooner you start, the better).

    But how?

    That's where the virtual retreat comes in.

    This free event will run across five days, from Monday 25th January to Friday 29th January. There will be a range of expert speakers running live masterclasses on four key areas to help you to level up your financial wellness within your business: 

    It will be jam-packed full of all the good stuff and everything you need right now to level up in your business. 

    Money mindset - How you FEEL about money
    Managing your money - Accounting software 
    Getting confident with your pricing and charging with confidence 
    Financial strategy and budgeting
    Expert advice

    As well as the expert sessions there will be virtual co-working, speed networking, and brainstorming sessions you can get involved in, and in true milknbizz style some happy hour drinks at the end of the week! 

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    But that's not all...

    You will also get encouragement and support from the other business owners in the group, who understand what you are going through and want to help you succeed. Wave goodbye to any negative Nancys who might doubt your abilities. This group will be a ‘positive vibes’ kinda place; strong women supporting each other, that’s what milknbizz is all about!

    Mini Challenges to Really Help You Level Up (with prizes!)

    We will also be running mini challenges to make you take action.

    We all know how inspiring it can be attending these events, but do you ever find yourself thinking: "That was great, but what now??" Each day some of the experts will set a mini challenge to help you take action straight away.

    (There is no pressure but encouragement is the game, so there will be a few special offers and prizes in store for anyone who completes the daily mini challenges.)

    And My Amazing Prize Draw

    To be entered into a draw to win one year's FREE membership to milknbizz (my amazing community for women in biz worth £495), I’m asking you to share the event with your family, friends and anyone else you know who you think would benefit from this retreat. I will pick a winner at random on Friday 29th so get sharing 🙂


    Where will it take place

    The event will be hosted in a pop-up Facebook group which will open one week before the event on Monday 18th January.  Once you have signed up for the retreat you will receive an email inviting you to the Facebook group and further instructions on what happens next.

    This isn't just any retreat, this is a milknbizz retreat…

    If you know, you know (and if you don't know, you need to join to find out!!)

    I look forward to seeing you there 🙂

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