Level Up Your Business After Lockdown

The milknbizz Level Up Post Lockdown Retreat

I know the last few months have been "challenging" to say the least, whether you've been home-schooling, full-time parenting little ones or juggling a bit of everything. I think we can all agree it's certainly taken its toll.  For many of you, (myself included) this means your business has probably taken a back seat.

Well I'm here to tell you enough is enough, it's been 3 months since lockdown began, and with restrictions starting to ease I'm ready to start putting myself and my business back on top of that priority list and levelling the f*ck up!  Wanna join me on this epic week-long journey with other likeminded mums in biz?

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Regaining Your Business and Yourself

As busy mums we are always going to be short of time, (I think it comes with the job,right?) so it's what we ACTUALLY do with the time we have that counts! And this is where I want to help you..

Level up after lockdown is for mums who are running their own business, who are serious about growth but over the last few months have maybe felt a bit overwhelmed, frustrated, flat and lacking time and clarity about how they can get a plan in place.  Are you ready to regain the life you deserve?

The milknbizz Level Up Post Lockdown Retreat starts on Monday 6th July

Are you ready to join me and level up?

Are you ready to get serious, take action, and grow your biz?

But you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to get done in very little time?

Do you want to move forward in your business but self-doubt is holding you back?

And do you want to level up your mindset, your time, and your sales?

Can I get a 'HELL YEAH'!

I won't lie to you; it's not going to be easy in the coming months.  Things will be different (maybe more than we realise).  You will have to learn new ways of working, adapt to change faster and become more resilient.  And the most important bit?... Start believing in yourself ALOT more, I know you can do it. 

If you want to do this along with a bunch of other kick-ass mums in biz and you are serious about growing your biz again, NOW is the time to start stepping up and taking action and I want to help you get started..

But how?

The milknbizz Level Up Post Lockdown Retreat starts on Monday 6th July

This free event will run across 5 days starting on Monday 6th July and finishing on Friday 10th July, there will be a range of expert speakers running live masterclasses on everything business and beyond to help get you back in the game, including:







Money Mindset

Self Care

As well as the expert sessions there will be yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, virtual co- working, speed networking, and if you’re lucky some happy hour drinks at the end of the week! It will be jammed packed full of all the good stuff and everything you need to kick start your focus & get back in the game.

But that's not all...

You will also get encouragement and support from the other business owners in the group, who understand what you are going through and want to help you succeed...Wave goodbye to any negative Nancy's who might doubt your abilities. This group will be ‘positive vibes’ kinda place; strong women supporting each other.

Mini Challenges to Really Help You Level Up (with prizes!)

We will also be running mini-challenges to make you take action.

We all know how inspiring it can be attending these events but do you ever find yourself thinking "That was great, but what now??" Each day some of the experts will set a mini-challenge to help you take action straight away.

(There is no pressure but encouragement is the game, so there will be a few special offers and prizes in store for anyone who completes the daily mini-challenges.)

And My Amazing Prize Draw

To be entered into a draw to win 1 year's FREE membership to milknbizz (worth £330) I’m asking you to share the event with your family, friends and anyone else you know who you think would benefit from this retreat. I will pick a winner at random on Sunday 5th July, so get posting 🙂

Where will it take place

The event will be hosted in a pop-up Facebook group which will open one week before the event on Monday 29th June.  Once you have signed up for the retreat you will receive an email inviting you to the Facebook group and further instructions on what happens next.

This isn't just any event, this is a milknbizz event...

Still not sure if this is for you?

If this sounds like you then it absolutely is (and it's free to do too!):

You are fed up of not feeling good enough and suffer from the dreaded "imposter syndrome"

You want to earn more money but you feel uncomfortable with "selling"

You spend far too much time procrastinating and getting distracted

You would like support from others who are in the same boat as you

You want to show up more in your biz but you are not feeling very confident

You are passionate about what you do but have lost focus since lockdown

You are ready for the challenge and serious about growing your biz

Sign me up now - I've heard enough!

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